Mosque Dispenser Renovation Works (Antalya/Tekirova)

19/06/2021 0 By admin

Our association started its activities at the end of 2020. Our Association, which accepts fulfilling its social duties as a duty during the long-lasting pandemic process, has identified those in need and provided them with food aid. While these aids are being made, it is essential to keep the good deeds done confidentially. If the favors done are turned into a showpiece, in such a case, the people who are helped may be upset or hurt. It is pointed out in the Qur’an that good deeds should be done in secret. For this reason, it was acted with the logic that even the left hand should not see what the right hand is giving.

In the following periods, since our Association took it as a duty to provide social benefits, it was decided to renovate the sections used as the Toilets and Ablution House of the Mosque in Antalya Tekirova, in line with the demands received, and in mid-April 2021, an agreement was made with a company and the renovation processes were started. The construction, which was completed in June 2021 under the contract, was opened to the use of the local people. Good luck and good luck to all local people.